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Join us SEPTEMBER 15TH - 17TH



3 Day Virtual Songwriting Retreat guided by Sri Kala and J Brave

Actualize Your Anthem is an immersive 3 day virtual retreat designed to ignite your creative spirit and guide you on a transformative songwriting journey.

Embrace the power of music and self-expression as we come together to craft a new anthem that embodies your unique voice and vision.

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  • Original beat of your choice

  • Live coaching and training

  • Craft your personal anthem 

  • Find your creative process

  • Connect with community

  • Valuable songwriting skills 

  • Access to the video replay

* As a special bonus, you will get a 6 month membership to the Artist Roundtable community



Sept. 15th: 5pm - 7:30pm PT

Sept. 16th: 11am - 2pm PT


Sept. 17th: 11am - 2pm PT

* Bring your pen, & journal

If you're ready to take your music to the next level and be guided to write your one of a kind persoanl anthem then this retreat is for you!


Sri Kala

Through Sri Kala’s musical collages we take glimpses into collected parts of himself. With the sounds of Afrobeat, R&B Fusion, Mantra and Hiphop.  It is Brooklyn meets LA, Africa meets India. You can hear the deep healing and spiritual meaning he found through the Eastern spiritual traditions.


The music gives your soul a sound.   


Sri Kala is committed to uplifting his communities and all people to a higher ground. He is the founder of Unique Masterpiece which is a group for creative expression and wellness. Presenting a variety of teachers and artists all set on bringing more healing and creativity into the planet.

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J Brave

J Brave’s intention is to inspire the remembrance of our divine nature. He's here to transform his trauma into triumph, turn his mess into a message, and shift suffering into a song to heal himself and inspire the world. His greatest gift has always been to bring people together, and he utilizes his music as a means to unify and connect us all. 


His live shows fuse storytelling and fierce Hip Hop lyrics, and his DJ sets offer a selection of Global Bass and World Beats intended to celebrate the power of diversity. 


He founded the legendary Venice Hip Hop collective the Luminaries, curates events under the brand Benevolence, and co-created Actualize Music Recording Retreats.

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*** Entry to the Actualize Your Anthem 3 day Virtual Retreat with Sri Kala & J Brave
*** 1 original instrumental beat from our catalog to use to write your personal anthem

*** 6 months access to the Artist Roundtable that meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month

*** Encouragement, support, and guidance on your creative journey to write your song

*** The replay will be available for you to review


Only $797 to join


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