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October 4th-6th in LA with
Sri Kala, J Brave, & Colin Martin   

 There is a part of you aching to be heard. This part feels messy, not right, or it doesn’t belong. You understand that getting free here will give life to your business, relationships, and creative expression.

There is a part of you locked in someone else's structure, someone else's way of singing or creating, someone else's way of doing business, and someone else's funnel technique.

You are ready to open up to the big shift knocking on your door.

You are realizing that YOUR STORY is the truest branding and that YOUR STORY is made up of tragedies and triumphs, Shadows and Gifts.  

We want to help you alchemize and create a musical anthem that will always remind you of who you are. 

Attending Actualize Your Anthem is a statement of commitment to the creative, authentic self to let your gifts be seen in this world. It’s a brave step towards being in a group of others who share the same glorious adventure.

Over the last two years, through group retreats and private sessions, Actualize Music has supported the creation of over 50 songs for our participants and artists. Meanwhile, creating and refining our creative exercises, practices, and games that actualize the most profound creative bodies of work and deep inner transformations. 

Join us for this three-day creative expression ceremony facilitated by Sri Kala, J Brave, Colin Martin, and our Actualize team. You will emerge with a newfound connection to yourself, your voice, and your purpose as a creative healer in service to the world.

Location: Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles

Date: October 4th-6th

Hear from past attendees..

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  • Pre-Retreat: Sept 19th: Virtual call to dive deep with fellow retreat members and prepare for our in person experience together​. Plus, you'll have access to our Artist Roundtable virtual calls every Monday prior to prepare you for arrival

  • Friday Oct 4th: Evening meet-up at a private location in Marina Del Rey to set intentions, align to theme of your anthem, and introduce ourselves 

  • Saturday, Oct 5th: Full day of vocal toning, movement, and song crafting to connected to your soul's song.

  • Sunday Oct 6th: We our final evening meet-up at our venue space to come to completion with your anthem.

  • ​Post-Retreat: Oct 20th - Follow-up call to reflect, integrate, and plan your next steps on the creative journey
Om Symbol on the Beach

Price and more details

$1497 Early Bird Price Until Sept 15th 

$1797 after (save $300)

Limited space, 20 seats available

  • Includes the Actualize Your Anthem 3-day in-person retreat 

  • Three months of access to the Artist Roundtable virtual calls  

  • Connect with a community of artists in action 

  • Complete with a one-of-a-kind lyrical composition​

Photos from June 2024 Event

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