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August 23rd - 25th in LA with
Sri Kala, J Brave, & Colin Martin   


Your anthem resonates from the very core of you. A place that most people don't get to glimpse in their lifetime. In order to commune with that place, we have to honor what's on the surface and then begin to dive deep into the realms of the subconscious. 

This experience is much like a medicine journey, but the sacrament is your own creative process. You will be held by the community in an encouraging and safe way to allow your highest expression to be revealed. 

During our time together, we will participate in vocal activities to open the palate, and exercises to expand your songwriting skills. Everyone will craft a personal lyrical anthem and contribute to a collaborative song that we’ll record together.

Facilitated by Sri Kala, J Brave, and Colin Martin, you will emerge from this weekend with a newfound connection to your voice, expression, and purpose as an artist in service with their gifts.

What you will experience: 

  • Creative Liberation: Engage in vocal activities to free your voice and exercises to enhance your songwriting prowess. Craft your personal anthem and contribute to a group song that captures our collective spirit

  • Sri Kala, J Brave, and Colin Martin will guide you towards reconnecting with your voice, expression, and purpose. Emerge with your gifts honed, ready to serve the world through art

  • Spiritual Nourishment: Learn to connect your musical and lyrical expression to your soul's journey of personal healing

  • Community and Expression: Discover your inner voice, share your story on the mic, and connect deeply with a community of like-minded artists



Get to Know Us



  • Pre-Retreat: May 26th: Virtual call to dive deep with fellow retreat members and prepare for our in person experience together​. Plus, you'll have access to our Artist Roundtable virtual calls every Monday prior to prepare you for arrival

  • Friday June 7th: Evening meet-up at a private location in Marina Del Rey to set intentions, align to theme of your anthem, and introduce ourselves 

  • Saturday, June 8th: Full day of vocal toning, movement, and lyric crafting to capture the melody connected to your soul's song.

  • Sunday June 9th: We our final evening meet-up at our venue space to come to completion with your anthem.

  • ​Post-Retreat: June 26th - Follow-up call to reflect, integrate, and plan your next steps on the creative journey


Om Symbol on the Beach


  • Includes the Actualize Your Anthem 3 day in person retreat 

  • 3 months access to the Artist Roundtable virtual calls 


  • Learn advanced vocal toning abilities 

  • Deepen your storytelling & songwriting skills

  • Connect with a community of artists in action 

  • Complete with a one of a kind lyrical composition


  • Includes everything in Tier 1


  • 2 private 90-minute sessions online or digitally with the Actualize team to put the final touches on your song.

  • One full-day recording session at our LA studio to record your Anthem. (Or support to find a recording studio in your town where we will stream in live)

  • Your song is fully mixed, mastered, and ready to be released at the highest sound quality.

  • One 45 min call for the song release marketing plan. 

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