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The Creative Vision

There is a calling deep in your heart that yearns to be expressed. Stories that must be told and songs that must be sung before our time is done. Given the state of society, this is the moment to turn up the dial on our gifts and Actualize our dreams into form. 

This community is for singer-songwriters poets, rappers, producers, and artists of all genres. We are here for the next level of expression. To the core of the creative process into your evolution as a human and creator.

Our retreats take place in beautiful and powerful locations around the world. From a luxurious mansion nestled in the red rocks of Sedona to a beachfront home outside of Los Angeles, we gather as a circle of heart-centered creators to write lyrics, record songs and turn the tides of humanity.

We also have a flourishing online community that we call The Artist Roundtable where participants join our live virtual sessions to write lyrics, open their voices, and share their gifts.  

Guided by internationally touring artists Sri Kala, J Brave, and the team, Actualize Recording will give you the support and encouragement to transform your personal story into a masterpiece.

Fill out an application form below to schedule a call with the team and see if we have an experience that is right for you.

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