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Actualize Music Creative Services

We are at your service for continued commitment to your creative freedom.

Your stories mean a lot to you, to us, and to the world.

We want to help you complete your music and complete your anthems.

These services give creative life through the pathway of creating and finishing music. 

Take your song to full completion with


Get support completing your lyrical composition. From the depth of the words to where they are placed. Refine your lyrical approach and get your words ready to be recorded.

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Music Production

Bring together your written and voice notes on your songs rhythm, melody and harmony. Create variety in your sections and create a musical composition that matches the flow of your lyrics.

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Vocal Work

Prepare your voice for the recording session. Refine your vocal technique and capture the depth of emotion and energy in your sound. Set yourself up for full success in the recording sessions.

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Record your vocals in your musical composition. Our engineers know the software's ins and outs, and they also know how to support your confidence and spirit during the recording process.

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Single Session

$555 per session

One Session 

One team member

1.5 - 2 hrs 


3 Sessions

$1470 for 3 sessions. (Save $190)

For each session choose a focus and a team member 

1.5 - 2hrs each session


Full Song Completion

$3485 for song completion package.

 Includes final mix and master.

7 Sessions (Save $400)

1.5 - 2hrs each session

One of our team members are available to support you in deciding what area you need the most support in.




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