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Come with Sri Kala, J Brave, and the Actualize Team for a journey to travel, record, and produce your album at one of our favorite destination sites. Spend a few days with us in-person and online. You’ll have our full attention and support from ideation all the way to composition and arrangement of your music. We will create a temple of creativity and, within that safe space, open the voice and body to allow your anthems to flow into this world.

For our in-person sessions, we’ll stay in a beautiful location and coordinate excursions to sacred sites, nature hikes, and community events while enjoying the finest local cuisine at the destination of your choice. Creating the right atmosphere for creativity to move freely and for us to have recording sessions for your music.


Choose from Sedona, Hawai’i, New York, LA, Colombia, Bali, Barbados, Paris, Ghana, Italy, Greece, or Kyoto Japan.


Our team will manage the entire travel itinerary, including flights, lodging, food, and ground transformation.

You willreceive:

• 6 to 12 months of private mentorship with music creation, songwriting, and signature production


• A vast amount of social media content filmed by our team


• Original songs fully produced, mixed, and mastered to completion


• 1-year access  the Actualize Artist Roundtable weekly group sessions


• Complimentary access to our public in person events 


• The most inspiring journey of a life-time to bring your creative dreams into form 

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