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Welcome to the Actualize community! The Artist Roundtable is a weekly creative container intended to offer a safe and encouraging space for you to write lyrics, share your voice, and to be fully expressed.


During these weekly sessions, we’ll provide writing topics and creative exercises to help bring your poetry and songs to life.


Prepare to be equipped with an array of creative resources, inspired practices, and heartfelt assignments. These tools will help empower you on every level to reveal your gifts.

The Artist Roundtable convenes every Monday at 3pm PT / 6pm ET. Here, you'll find the inspiration essential for every artist's growth, and a vibrant community to support your creative journey.


Click play on these videos for a glimpse into some of our sessions


    Priceless knowledge and wisdom to propel your creative endeavors 

    A community of passionate creators ready to inspire the world 

   Weekly Sessions on Monday at 3pm PT / 6pm ET

    Private links to the recording of each session to review at your leisure

    Complete with new original lyrical compositions & songs written

    Access to our private group chat on telegram

    Prepare yourself for the in-person Actualize retreat

We offer rolling admission, join the community at any time. 

Pillars Of Actualize

Come As You Are

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There are no mistakes and we welcome the mystery. Take the abundance and go. Don’t process, question, or analyze, simply receive and keep going. 

 Story & Legend

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Find the gold in your story and the beauty in vulnerability. In order to create space for your visions to be brought into form we must re-visit our life stories.


Heading (4).png

Study the art of Anthem creation. How to lean into the future and pull an anthem from that space and anchor it into the now.



Find the order in your chaos and create more space for the gems to come through.


Creative Process

Everyone has a unique way that they create music, and although we have a core connection, the light flows through us each differently. Dive into knowing what inspires you, what blocks you, who are you as an artist.

Bring it Into Form


Explore what it means to hold the frequency of completion. It's already here, it's already done, and there's more to come.

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